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General Description
1. What is e-ASIA JRP?
  • Formulating and supporting international joint research projects in the East Asian Region on the multilateral basis as well as promoting researchers interaction through workshops, etc. The projects will be selected through open Call for Proposals.
  • Formally inaugurated on June 28, 2012.
  • Prospective Member Organizations: Public funding institutions of 10 ASEAN Member countries + 8 (Australia, Japan, New Zealand, China, India, Korea, Russia, U.S.) (EAS participating countries)
2. Objectives
  • To develop a vibrant and collaborative research community in Science and Technology, to promote innovation in the East Asian region, and contribute to the region’s economic development.
3. Structure
4. Mechanism & Process of Co-funding
<Step 1: Joint Call for Proposals>

A minimum of 3 Members Organizations agree to launch a joint Call for proposals in a specific field(s). (On a Call by Call basis each participating Member Organization will decide whether they wish to participate.)

<Step 2: Application>

Lead Principal Investigator (PI) will submit a common application form to the Program Secretariat. Each PI needs to follow the rules of the Member Organization of his/her country if there is any additional requirement.

<Step 3: Compilation>

After closing the Call, the Program Secretariat sends the proposals to the relevant Member Organizations (each Member Organization receives only the proposals that include researchers of its own country).

<Step 4: Review>

Each Member Organization makes its own ranking by its own review process. Then all the participating Member Organizations get together and hold a Joint Review Meeting in which they discuss and compile a final joint ranking list.

<Step 5: Approval>

The Program Secretariat submits the final ranking list to the Board, which will then formally approve the project(s) based on the Review Meeting’s recommendation.

<Step 6: Funding>

Upon approval, each Member Organization provides funding to its own country's researchers. In principle, funds do not cross borders.

Mechanism & Process

5. Financial Support

It will be by "Co-funding" in which Call participating Member Organizations (min. 3) fund their own researchers. In Principle, financial support of about 156,000 USD to 312,000 USD (1USD=100JPY) (including overhead expenses) is granted on Japanese side per project per year for 3 years. The amount is not necessarily be equal for all the participating Member Organizations but should be equivalent to conduct joint research in each country. The amount and period of support is determined flexibly through coordination with the counterpart Member Organizations.